Your ICDC Live@THRIVE Team Members

The Live@THRIVE team members are gearing up for an amazing conference and unprecedented social media coverage of all the ICDC activities. These savvy social media DECA members are ready to tweet, like, pin and post the entire conference all to bring you the latest and greatest conference coverage.

Take a moment to learn more about these incredible DECA members and make sure you’re following them on Twitter so you never miss an ICDC update!

Alexandria Albi (@lexiealbi), Capital High DECA (Boise, Idaho)

It’s not hard to find out what Alexandria, or Lexie, is up to during the day. Just check out her 10,000+ tweets, and you’ll soon figure out that she is a Twitter fanatic! Lexie is also the administrator of her chapter’s social media platforms and works hard to keep all her fellow DECA members in the loop on chapter activities daily. Get ready for a whirlwind of #decaicdc tweets from Lexie!

Grace Callanan (@GraceCallanan), Dominion DECA (Sterling, Va.)

As the Virginia DECA District 10 President, Grace knows a thing or two about keeping everyone connected on social media. As manager of her chapter’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Grace is constantly promoting events, sharing news and updating members. Grace is ready to take on the challenge of the Live@THRIVE team and is looking forward to meeting and networking with other DECA members.

Valerie Caña (@CNvalerie), Southwest CTA DECA (Las Vegas, Nev.)

Valeria, a former Nevada DECA President of Publicity, is not afraid of the spotlight. Her energetic video submission proves nothing can stop her from sending a tweet or posting a photo. Valerie loves checking DECA Inc.’s Facebook page as her main resource for the latest DECA news. She hopes to take her experience as a member of West CTA Social Media Squad and use it to THRIVE at the ICDC.

Tyler James Dyer (@tylerjamesdyer), Kentlake DECA (Kent, Wash.)

Tyler is well prepared for the duties of a Live@THRIVE team member since he was a social media intern at the 2011 Western Region Leadership Conference. His blogging and live-tweeting for WRLC will help him as he brings ICDC news straight to Twitter and Facebook. A big fan of DECA’s Twitter page, Tyler feels that Twitter is the best medium for DECA member across the country to connect and share their DECA experiences.

Brandon Hamilton (@BHAM116), Kearlsy DECA (Flint, Mich.)

Already a DECA celebrity for winning the 2013 ICDC t-shirt contest, Brandon is a current DECA social media correspondent. A man of many talents, Brandon also won the DECA School-based Enterprise YouTube Commercial Contest. His incredible video talents, as well as his social media expertise, will definitely bring this year’s conference coverage to a whole new level.

Jasmine Heyward (@jheyward1), Riverbend DECA (Fredericksburg, Va.)

Jasmine is a multimedia design pro with experience in web design, graphic design, photography, blogging and even production. Jasmine is a true fan of DECA Inc.’s Pinterest page because it not only brings the best DECA news to her, but also shares articles, photos and infographics from a variety of other sources. Jasmine can’t wait to live tweet from the ICDC and bring the best updates to all DECA members straight from Anaheim.

Omar Khan (@5lumdog), Blue Valley West DECA, (Stillwell, Kan.)

Omar is the Kansas DECA Vice President and credits a great portion of his campaign success to his lucrative use of hashtags. Stating Twitter is his “guilty pleasure,” Omar boasts over 8,000 tweets of jokes, new, photos and updates. He hopes to take his love of hashtags and use them to bring all of the ICDC attendees together with #decaicdc.

Mallory Lanser (@MalloryLanser), El Dorado Springs DECA (El Dorado Springs, Mo.)

Mallory is the Missouri DECA Vice President of Communications and ran numerous successful social media campaigns during her DECA career. Mallory is also a talented photographer and loves sharing and posting photos on Instagram. Her favorite DECA social media network is DECA Inc.’s Facebook page and uses it regularly to find inspiration for her own state.

Margarita Oreta (@DECA_margarita), Martin Luther King DECA (Riverside, Calif.)

Margarita is currently the Southern California DECA Vice President and cannot wait for all of DECA to come to her hometown of Anaheim! She is an Instagram-addict who loves posting and sharing photos of her life with all her followers. She hopes to take DECA Inc.’s Instagram to the next level during ICDC, so be sure to follow her for the best #decaicdc photos.

Cole Rosenberger (@coole_r), West Springfield DECA (Springfield, Va.)

Cole is a self-proclaimed Twitter addict who loves receiving news and updates from all sorts of press centers, celebrities and companies. He tunes in every day for DECA’s Twitter Days and finds DECA’s tweets both informative and entertaining. While running for Virginia DECA State Office, Cole learned many social media tricks and is looking forward to using them for Live@THRIVE.

Nicolai Selness (@SelnessX), Hopkins DECA (Minnetonka, Minn.)

Nicolai’s YouTube addiction and outgoing personality will keep everyone at ICDC engaged and ready for more! Familiar with running various organizational Facebook accounts, Nicolai is ready to take DECA’s ICDC overage to the next level and hopes to get DECA members interacting on Facebook and Twitter 24/7 in Anaheim! Be on the look out for Nicolai at ICDC and check out his YouTube channel!

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