A Small Fish in a Fairly Large Pond

Collegiate DECA is fairly new at the University of Minnesota. Our chapter was founded five years about by a group of seven students. Since then we have more than doubled in size. Although we are still fairly small compared to other student groups at our university, we make up for our small size with our incredibly strong sense of team spirit, as well as our success at competitions.

I think our success is due partly to our close bonds among chapter members. Former chapter president, Lisa Evanson said, “In high school DECA, I had friends, but in Collegiate DECA, I have a family. Our success is unprecedented and the fact that we are all so close makes it that much more rewarding. I am so proud of each and every member.”

In 2012, we sent 12 members to CDC. All 12 qualified for and competed at ICDC, where many placed as finalists in their events. Our Management Institute team placed first at the state level and then went on to place second at the international level.

This past February, we again saw great success at CDC with our 11 members participating. All 11 members qualified for ICDC and we also placed in the top 3 in our events. Many of us actually placed first! We are all excited and looking forward to competing in Anaheim.

Having the largest chapter does not always mean having the most successful one. I am proud of the accomplishment our tiny chapter has made the past few years and I am so excited to see what other achievements are ahead. If your chapter only has a few members, do not let it discourage you from competing! You may also be a tiny fish in a big pond, but you could be the most powerful fish too!

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