Let’s Talk DECA at ICDC’s New Advisor Academy

They have association and International Career Development Conference (ICDC) winners year after year, can answer any question about DECA, and can construct a lesson plan that has their students not wanting to leave the classroom, all without breaking a sweat. What’s their secret? Most likely it involved some good training.

As a new advisor, you too can learn the secrets to becoming a successful DECA advisor. The New Advisor Academy at ICDC has been developed just for you! Learn how DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program can be integrated into classroom instruction, how to connect to businesses and the keys to promoting competition.

Network with experienced colleagues in a series of round-table discussions and receive cool ideas you can take back to your classroom. Using a blend of philosophy and practical instructional techniques, the New Advisor Academy will empower you to THRIVE in the classroom. For more information visit http://www.deca.org/events/icdc/ or contact Sandra Tucker at Sandra_tucker@deca.org.

Here’s what a new advisor just like you has to say about last year’s New Advisor Academy:

“I attended last year’s DECA New Advisor Academy hoping to come away with one great idea that I could integrate into my classroom. However, I came away with many great ideas from DECA advisors across the country that helped me integrate competitive events into the classroom, foster better fundraising ideas, and learn how to build a stronger program.  Learning and networking with advisors that have students year after year going to ICDC helped me to gather great information that will help my own students and program. I would strongly recommend the New Advisor Academy not only for new advisors, but for any advisor wanting to develop a stronger competitive edge for their program.”

Jay Hoey
DECA Advisor
South-Western Career Academy
Grove City, OH

Register to attend through your chartered association advisor.

You can follow Sandra Tucker on Twitter @stuckerdeca.

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