Take DECA to China!

THRIVE in China and beyond this summer with the DECA People to People Student Ambassador travel programs. The DECA / People to People partnership has a new look and new travel options for this summer. There is still time to enroll in the THRIVE in China program and to take advantage of the $250 enrollment discount for this program now through March 30. We are also introducing domestic leadership programs to continue building DECA leadership resumes during the summer months.

The People to People partnership with DECA was initiated to enhance and compliment the DECA values and teachings that happened throughout the year.  All of the travel programs offered have been chosen to give DECA students and advisors the chance to THRIVE beyond their classroom and competitions.

Expand your DECA Diamond with People to People to become:

Academically prepared

DECA members are ambitious, high-achieving leaders equipped to conquer the challenges of their aspirations. People to People Ambassadors share this quality. More than 80% of Ambassador alumni report acceptance into their first-choice college.

Professionally responsible

Through international travel or leadership summits that bring together students from all over the country, People to People programs purposefully promote cultural intelligence. This is the ability to adapt to and be comfortable in and among other cultures—an essential skill for success in our increasingly globalized marketplace. DECA members will be exposed to international professionals who share their ideals of innovation, integrity, and quality.

Community oriented

Recognizing the benefit of service and responsibility to the community, DECA members continually impact and improve their local and broader communities. True global citizenship requires that you look beyond your own backyard and interact with other cultures, in your own country or abroad.

A global perspective is more than a dreamy ideal—today it's a must-have for students who want to impact their world. These travel opportunities will blend education, adventure, culture, and unique DECA experiences.

Experienced leaders

Like the DECA program, People to People Students Ambassador Programs empowers students through firsthand experiences to provide effective leadership. As a unique combination of education and adventure, these programs encourage responsibility, teach young travelers to thrive outside of their home environments, and are often a source of personal inspiration for years to come.

Visit www.peopletopeople.com/deca for more information or contact People to People.

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