ICDC 2012 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner’s Story

As a self proclaimed advocate for creativity, Photoshop, and graphic design, I was so pleased to come across the DECA ICDC 2012 T-Shirt Design Contest on Facebook back in December 2011. This opportunity seemed to be right up my alley, and I was ready to take on the challenge.

I was eager to start the design process, although in hindsight I did not realize what a lengthy process it would be. Photoshop became a prominent window on my laptop while I worked on my proposed shirt designs around my other homework and school projects. I went into such detail on my first design; precise placement and optimum uniqueness was a must. When it came to a second and third design however, I had no clue what direction to take with them like I had with the first one.

After several attempts at creating something based on the fashion trends of high school students, I began to consider a different direction for inspiration. I reflected on what made DECA the organization it is today: people with similar career interests coming together for a united mission. I was astonished by the realization that DECA has the power and reputation to bring people together despite being separated from stateliness, time zones or entire continents.

I then chose to depict this wonderful aspect of DECA on my shirt design. The front, with the DECA diamond surrounded by hands, was chosen to represent how this organization is one that takes the ideas of many to create a strong group of future leaders. The back of my design was signified by all of the different states that are represented at ICDC every year.

Then the waiting game began; the closer January 17 got, the greater the suspense grew. Anticipating results on the January 17, I was stunned by the email I received on the morning of January 14 announcing that my final design had made the top five finalists! As this information reached my advisor, Mrs. Garrett, it spread quickly to other WHS DECA members and our chartered association advisor spread it to the rest of our association. When voting started on Facebook, I, along with my family, friends and Mrs. Garrett, “shared” the contest with anyone and everyone that we could, an act we repeated almost daily.

As the number of likes grew on my image, I could not have been more excited. Upon finding out that I had won the DECA ICDC 2012 T-Shirt Design Contest, I knew I had to qualify and attend ICDC in Salt Lake City. It is one thing to see your own design on a screen, but another to see it on display and on many DECA members and advisors.

This was an exceptional experience for me, and I know it would not have been possible without all of my family, my friends and my advisor supporting me. I could not wait to try my hand at this year’s contest!

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