Champions in the Making

Martin Luther King DECA (Riverside, Calif.) is striving for competitive greatness. Recently, members have been preparing for the upcoming Southern California Career Development Conference in late January.

"It takes a lot of work to be able to win at a DECA conference and my chapter does a great job preparing me and my fellow members," says third-year member Christian Agatep.

Chapter advisor Debi Blue enforces a 10-hour study rule in order for members to attend the district career development conference. Members can attain study hours by coming in after school or to weekend sessions. Though 10 study hours seem extreme, it has proven to be highly beneficial. Members go to conferences feeling confident and prepared. "I benefit from study hours because it's the time to further my skills and knowledge to gain a competitive edge," said member Caleb Bhatnagar.

There are champions in the making in Debi Blue’s classroom, which is more popularly known as the "DECA Room." The room boasts an impressive collection of study materials, such as past role-plays, tests, textbooks, and performance indication booklets.

In addition to the abundance of resources available to members, chapter vice presidents Vincent Adriatico and Jessica Chaoui hold weekly workshops. Previous workshops have focused on teaching members how to take effective role-play notes and how to start written projects. By holding these workshops Jessica Chaoui hopes to share her competitive passion and inspire members to develop self-motivation to succeed in DECA.

Competition improvement has been King DECA's main goal this school year. In November, the chapter held a mock conference with other Southern California DECA chapters.

"The countless hours of going over role plays and memorizing vocabulary words are all worth it in the end when you find yourself up on stage with a trophy in your hands," said member Apoorva Panse.

Watch out California, Martin Luther King DECA is ready to take its crown.

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