Western Region Update, January 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe it’s already 2013? I can’t wait to see how your associations aspire to THRIVE in this new year. As you and your teammates gather for mid-year meetings, consider these questions: How can we increase attendance at our association’s CDC? How can we stimulate participation? How can we more actively engage members? How can we garner more support for DECA? And finally, what can we do to be better leaders? In addition to your personal New Year’s resolutions, I ask you to consider the oaths you took when you were sworn into office. You’re in the final stretch of your term. Your full potential is within your grasp, so make the most of it and I promise your members will thank you for the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Running for Western Region Vice President

Interested in running for Western Region Vice President? Want to know what the position entails or what campaigning is like? Feel free to email me at decavpvictoria@gmail.com with your questions.

Meet the Officer Series

Want to be Facebook famous? Send your name, position, home association, greatest accomplishment, hobbies/interests, skills and fun facts about you to decavpvictoria@gmail.com to be featured on the Western Region Facebook page!

Social Media Challenge

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