King Philip DECA Celebrates Past, Looks Forward to Future

Nostalgia filled the air in room 326 at King Philip High School on December 21, 2012.

Former Massachusetts DECA association officer Tom Eaton, chapter presidents Liz Arico and Jodi Cullity, chapter vice president Mike McGrail, event coordinator Jess Sabino, store manager Emily Richards and international champion Savannah Tyo visited our chapter to share their DECA wisdom with current members.

The alumni spoke of the many advantages their experience in DECA has afforded them in college, including confidence and ease when speaking in public. They also mentioned the importance of devoting sufficient time to one’s DECA project. Chapter advisor James K. Dow agreed with the alumni, and he asked third-place ICDC winner Savannah Tyo what she and her partner, Libby Boissy, did differently to set themselves apart. Savannah’s response was, simply—“We worked harder.”

Jodi Cullity recalled always seeing Libby and Savannah diligently working on their manual, constantly editing and using their time in class to their advantage. Hard work definitely pays off.

The alumni stressed the importance of practice, especially for current juniors. As Liz Arico told the classes, “It requires time and energy. We work hard to win.”

For senior students, working hard under the looming cloud of senioritis and overconfidence was an area of focus. All of the alumni recounted the reason they strived for perfection in their projects, especially during their senior year.

“It’s your last chance,” said Tom Eaton, as he glanced at his friend and former International Business Plan partner Mike McGrail. “Mike and I made it to ICDC our junior year and did well, but we never stopped wanting to make the stage.”

Jodi Cullity added, “I didn’t make it my junior year, so [during] senior year, ICDC was all my partner and I could think about.”

Jess Sabino reminded the seniors, “For those of you who have been to ICDC, you know what an amazing experience it is. For those of you who haven’t, I’m sure you’ve heard all about Salt Lake . . .  and want to be in Anaheim this year.”

Emily Richards added, “Salt Lake was one of the best memories I have from DECA. Competing on the international level was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Trust me, you want this.”

King Philip DECA is now preparing for its first step towards ICDC: district competition. 96 members of King Philip DECA will compete in both written and series events at the District II conference on January 29 in hopes of qualifying for the State Career Development Conference at the Marriott Copley Boston in March.

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