Networks of Possibility

Has a generation ever been capable of reaching 22,885 people with the click of a button?

The answer is yes; 22,885 is the number of people connected to DECA through social media.  The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives us the freedom of speech and the power to voice our opinions, share our stories and live our lives. Now, more than ever, students are taking a stand and using their voices to connect, interact and share via social media.

Remember when everyone had MySpace? Looking back on our timeline to photos of ourselves in braces, we know how much we’ve changed. Likewise, social media has evolved and grown to better fit the needs of its audience. DECA is also evolving and taking a lead role in the world of social media. As the online content of DECA Direct takes the world by storm, DECA is taking strides to set the standard as a leader.

DECA Direct Online will feature cutting edge technology allowing you to join the conversation, receive new information 24/7 and learn from social media correspondents from across the globe. In this huge world of online media, you’ll be able to find valuable information to help with your college and career preparation.

DECA has taken on the challenge to evolve, innovate and grow. Will you take the same challenge to evolve and grow yourself? The skills we learn through DECA help us become the innovative leaders of the future. DECA Direct is the resource that will help us along the way.

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