Pitch It!

How might my students solve the problem of bringing a new unique product to market and which markets?

When inventor and full-time social studies teacher Scott Moeller, walked with his game, Pitch It!, in-hand into Marketing Exchange, my advanced marketing class at Kirkwood High School, the makings of a marketing challenge emerged. 

Without hesitation, I agreed to put my students to the task to solve a real-life business challenge.

Initially, a situation analysis was needed. My students interviewed Mr. Moeller about his business past and present, researched current markets and potential markets and tested Pitch It! within high schools, middle schools, young adults game nights and family gatherings. 

Based on the research, members selected the best solutions and developed marketing strategies to guide Mr. Moeller to potential success.

In the end, the Marketing Exchange students gave a final presentation to Mr. Moeller that was both professional-grade and well-received. They presented detailed marketing analysis, including information about opportunities with various textbook publishers, networking tips for the field of business education and recommendations to pursue social-media channels. 

He expressed much gratitude for the work, walked out a very happy customer, and is currently pursuing some of the students’ recommendations. And, as for the students, they gained a valuable experience on their way towards great marketing successes in the future.

In addition to an authentic assignment in the classroom, Pitch It! is a perfect fit in a marketing classroom and for DECA competition preparation.  Pitch It! simulates creative and timely thinking and the planning necessary for success in DECA role-plays and presentations. It also can assist in teaching the "pitch" process and branding elements within business, marketing and entrepreneurship classes. Pitch It! embeds essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management while playing a fun interactive game.

For more information on Pitch It! visit www.pitchitgame.com.

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