Three ways to expand your Collegiate DECA chapter's reach

The Collegiate DECA chapter at Belmont University becomes richer in tradition year after year. We didn’t have traditions when our chapter first started, nor did we know exactly what our chapter would become. It seemed that everyone joined DECA because of professional aspirations that could be realized through working together with peers with similar interests. But each year it becomes clearer that what we’ve created is even bigger than that.

This year, we have 53 members who routinely compete at the local, state and international levels. The passion we have for our chapter, competitive events and our own professional pursuits runs deep.

Members don’t focus entirely on competing with other students, however; we also compete with ourselves as individuals. Every year we reach new heights, but we often ask ourselves how to effectively pass the torch. How do we increase future chapter membership while maintaining momentum for the current year?

If you agree that DECA isn't just about dressing up and going to competitions, how do you convey that message to others? Belmont DECA experienced great success this year through sharing our own unique “DECA story.” Here are three tips for sharing your own DECA story:

1. Pinpoint your 'why.'

In other words, why do you participate in DECA? It’s important to distill your message down to this most important point. Identify the reasons why someone should consider joining your DECA chapter. 

2. Focus on relationships.

A cornerstone to DECA is the sense of community is fosters amongst its members. When sharing your chapter’s story with potential members, speak to the value of the relationships DECA makes possible—with friends, mentors, and business professionals.

3. Consider your story-telling vehicles.

Our chapter created an informational video to be used for the next few years. If you make your own video, focus on substantive content before cool editing and special effects. Concentrate on telling your story.

How does your DECA chapter inspire others to join?  How do you share your story with those who have never experienced DECA before?  Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Clark is the president of Belmont University Collegiate DECA and Andy is a Belmont University Collegiate DECA alumnus and founder and president of Bizooki.

Follow Clark Buckner on Twitter at @clarkbuckner and Andy Tabar on Twitter at @andytabar.

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