A 5-Step Guide to Finding the Right College Program

Step One

Explore your personal interests. Make a list of activities, school subjects and topics that interest and inspire you. Be sure to include your likes and dislikes about school, work, hobbies and volunteering.

Step Two

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to take a realistic look at your individual skills and abilities. List your strengths and skills you are good at and enjoy using, and then list areas that you could use improvement.

Step Three

Determine what you’re looking for in a career. Different careers offer a wide range of rewards and benefits. Ask yourself what you are really seeking from your career and what is important to you. Make a list of what you seek from your future career.

Step Four

Research potential careers and do a reality check. Most students have an idea of the perfect job for them but lack the full understanding of what the profession fully entails. Conduct research by looking into the Bureau of Labor Statistics, meeting with career counselors and talking to people within the field.

Once you have these careers researched, take a look at all this information and be open and honest with yourself about the feasibility of making this career happen for you.

Step Five

Connect a college major to your career choice. Choosing a major that is directly related to your career choice often provides a deeper level of skills and will possibly open doors to internships, co-ops and part-time work experience in the field prior to graduation. Once you determine which college major might work for you, conduct more research by visiting college Web sites to learn their program requirements. It’s always a great idea to speak with your family, guidance counselor, mentors, and college admissions staff about what you are looking for in a college program.

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