3 Awesome DECA After Dark Session You Might Have Missed at #DECAELS

Emily Nguyen | #DECAELS Social Media Team
Photo courtesy of @DECA_Brian on Twitter.

Couldn’t sit in on “DECA After Dark” during the 2017 Emerging Leader Summit?

No worries!

Below are some key lessons learned from the mini-workshops that you can take to-go anywhere and anytime.

1. DECA, Colleges, & Scholarships

Dustin, a junior at Harvard University and a former California DECA association officer, advised DECA members to write college application essays on topics they are passionate about. Instead of simply telling a story or listing activities you are involved in, a better strategy is to explain how an event or an activity has impacted you to develop personally or serve others.

2. Personal Branding

As an association officer, chapter officer, or even simply a member, you are an ambassador of DECA, which means that your actions and statements on social media should positively and accurately reflect what is true to self. Though certain posts can be deleted, the internet is in fact forever. How do you want to be seen by others? Use your answer to make decisions on how to act or what to post.

3. Running For Executive Office

Jaron May, the 2017-2018 DECA Inc. President, explains that it is never too early to start fundraising for your campaign. However, it may be too early to announce your run for office. Specifically for executive office, you may only announce your candidacy after you have been approved by the nominating committee at the International Career Development Conference. However, it is important to begin organizing and selecting your campaign team and action plan. Jaron advises interested students to reach out to him with any questions they have about running or office or serving as an executive officer.

This article was written by Texas DECA association officer and #DECAELS Social Media Team Member, Emily Nguyen. You can follow Emily on Twitter @EmilyDECA.