Why Summer is the Best Time to Recruit New DECA Members

Sarah Young | Riverbend DECA
Photo courtesy of @harkerdeca on Instagram.

Outstanding DECA members are always encouraging others to be involved in DECA and the summertime is no exception. Many will find this time away from school full of great potential to entice others to consider joining DECA in the upcoming school year.

Here are all the tips and information you need to increase membership and DECA status at your school this fall, during the summer!

Plan Fun Day Trips

Ask your chapter advisors and leaders about organizing an exciting day trip or event. Make sure to invite rising freshmen and those interested in joining the club to come and see what DECA is all about. Try finding a balance between service and fun by planning an activity that is beneficial to the community and interested student. A trip to a local park or beach is full of opportunities for team bonding and community service. Summer is the best time for these fun trips due to the stress-free atmosphere and free schedules that most students have!

Post on Social Media

Students are always on their phones during the summer and it is a great way to reach out to those who want to know more about DECA. Keeping your chapter’s Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat active during the summer is effective in reminding those that there is no off season for DECA. Post about the fun trips and events your chapter is planning this summer and let your followers know that everyone is welcome. Advertising an inclusive environment is important to intrigue others about the opportunities everyone can find through DECA.

Advertise Marketing Classes

There is plenty of time for students to organize their class schedule during the summer. Encourage DECA students to make room in their upcoming schedule for a marketing or economics class. These classes correspond with the goal of DECA and can help one in their competitive events. Don’t let your friends and students wait until November to switch classes and join DECA when registration is due. Share the positive experience you’ve had with DECA and you are sure to meet your membership goal this year!

Take advantage of the time your chapter has this summer and you are sure to recruit the next #DECAICDC finalist and future leader!

This article was written by Riverbend DECA Chapter Secretary and District President, Sarah Young. You can follow Riverbend DECA on Twitter @bendddeca.