3 Reasons Why You Should Hold Summer Officer Meetings

Ramon Luis Fille | Hamden DECA

Your officer team goes through a very tough process in order to be selected as chapter officers. This is because your officer team is the backbone of your chapter. They are the ones responsible for your chapter’s goals and overall operation. They are mentors, helpers, and leaders.

Once your team is assembled, it is very important to have meetings throughout the year, even during the #SummerofDECA.

It can be tough to get your team together during the summer because of vacations, jobs, and so much more, but it is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Here are three reasons why:

 1. Determine your goals for the year.

The free time your officers have during the summer can help them generate some awesome new ideas. Holding a meeting during summer vacation is very important because it helps your chapter to collaborate for the first time ever since the previous school year ended. The collaboration of many ideas will turn into goals for the upcoming year. As we all know, that if you have written goals, you, your officer team and your chapter, are more likely to achieve your goals.

2. Bond as a team.

When your officer team was assembled at the end of the previous school year, there probably wasn’t any bonding activities done due to the hectic end of the year schedule. During the summer, however, the end of the year stress has definitely been relieved, which helps your officer team to focus on planning for the upcoming year. Being able to meet up without the stresses brought on by school, your officers will be able to effectively communicate with each other. This boosts morale and help your officers to get to know each other better, which can then lead to more bonding activities, more successful meetings and a closer officer team.

3. Start a stress free year.

After your goals are set and objectives written, your officer team is ready to serve your chapter in the upcoming year. With the goals and objectives, there is now a foundation for your chapter and officers to work with. This helps your chapter to start the year, stress-free.

There are many more reasons why your chapter’s officer team should have meetings during the #SummerofDECA, these are just 3 of the main reasons why. Summer meetings are a must, in order to have a #LIMITLESS year.

This article was written by Hamden DECA Vice President of Public Relations, Ramon Luis Fille. You can follow Hamden DECA on Twitter @Hamden_DECA.