4 Ways Florida DECA is Staying Connected This Summer

Roberto Machorro-Swain | Spanish River DECA
Photo courtesy of @WellingtonDECA on Twitter.

Summer has begun and DECA members everywhere are preparing for the upcoming year.

Florida DECA Vice President, Chad Doback.

Florida DECA Vice President Chad Doback from Brandon High School DECA gave insight on how Florida DECA is staying connected during the summer in the Sunshine State.

1. Attending DECA’s Emerging Leader Summit

Florida DECA officers will be attending the DECA Emerging Leader Summit in July. The annual #DECAELS conference is a place for DECA chapter and association officers to learn practical and applicable skills to help take their leadership abilities to the next level.

2. Chapter Officer Bonding

Every year, DECA chapters everywhere select members to organize and run them. At chapters like Spanish River DECA, there are even committees and directors appointed to help the vice presidents and the President accomplish everything that needs to be done through out the school year, summer, and competitive season. In fact, officers everywhere are working hard to plan for their chapter’s upcoming events and they are all bonding and becoming close friends and partners while they do it.

3. Planning New Ideas

Association officers work hard year-round to plan chapter visits, community involvement events and chapter connection events. This planning is done throughout the year, but getting a head start in the summer is very important for starting off the new school year well-prepared.

4. Advocating to Businesses

DECA is in constant communication with businesses in order to receive partnerships, sponsorships, and build a bigger, better network. The summer time is a perfect time to earn professional memberships for DECA. Businesses can connect to DECA with the help of active members, and members can gain real world experience while connecting with these businesses.

Each year, officers and advisors work hard to have fun and make the DECA experience truly incredible for every member. On behalf and the Spanish River DECA chapter, I’d like to thank all the DECA officers and advisors for constantly making the effort for DECA to be the best it can be!

This article was written by Spanish River DECA National Social Media Coordinator,  Roberto Machorro-Swain. You can follow Roberto on Twitter @LookItsRoberto.