How You Can Get Involved with #SummerofDECA

Photo courtesy of @stormdecachs on Instagram.

 Now that June has arrived and many of you are ending your school year, it’s time to gear up for the summer ahead.

With all of this excitement, you may forget that DECA doesn’t end when the school year does – #SummerofDECA is just getting started!

This is your opportunity to gear up for the next year with your DECA chapter and fellow members. It may be confusing about how you can get involved in DECA over the summer, but there are many ways that fit right into your summer fun!

Hold a Chapter Summer Trip or Picnic

Just because the school year is over doesn’t mean you can’t go on anymore field trips. Gather up as many people from your chapter and head to the beach, amusement park, or your local park for a picnic.

Chapter Officer Training

If you’re a chapter officer the summer is the perfect time to arrange for training and planning session with your officer team to be prepared for the next school year. The earlier you start planning the stronger your ideas will be and the more successful your chapter will be!

Spend Time with Fellow Members

Don’t just spend time with your fellow members when the opportunity arrives, create the opportunity and spend time with them throughout the summer! By doing this once the school year begins you’ll have a new DECA BFF to hang out with throughout the year at conferences, events, and more. Who knows they may even end up being your competition partner.

Research Your New School

If you are a senior in high school and have your college choice decided, #SummerofDECA is when you should find out if our school has Collegiate DECA. If so, reach out to the chapter leaders and learn more about the opportunities available there! If the college of your choice doesn’t have a Collegiate DECA, start one and I guarantee you won’t regret it. Remember DECA isn’t for four years; it’s for life!

The most important thing to remember during #SummerofDECA is to have fun and take DECA wherever you go. If you’re traveling, be sure to post on social media and tag @DECAInc with the hashtag to share your summer adventures with DECA.

Go above and beyond this summer and be ready for the next school year to come to build up that success come August and September!

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