Why You Shouldn’t Stop Owning Your Future

During my freshman year, I found myself in what my chapter refers to as “DECA territory.”

I had no idea what DECA was or how it would benefit me in anyway, but my Academy of Finance teacher insisted that I join. She persuaded me by highlighting the variety of field trips I could attend, as well as the relationships I could form through DECA.

Throughout my first year in DECA, I participated mainly at a chapter level. Although, I competed at Florida DECA’s Career Development Conference and the International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tenn., during the next school year.

From that point on my journey in DECA began.

This year’s theme was Own Your Future. This is an extremely powerful message to me. It highlights the idea that one’s current success will help determine what will occur later in their lives.

DECA gives members the resources to get jobs, internships and scholarships. These will all greatly benefit members once they reach adulthood.

This theme connects to one of my favorite quotes by Albert Camus too:

“The real generosity towards your future lies in giving all to your present.”

To Own Your Future, one must plan ahead and start working early.

Whether you are a senior or continuing high school next year, the choice you’ve made to commit your time to DECA is true evidence of someone who cares for their future.

So, continue to Own Your Future and I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors!

This article was written by Plantation DECA Vice President,  Markal Kelly. You can follow Markal on Twitter @DECA_Markal.