No DECA Chapter? No Problem!

Photo courtesy of @lacuevadeca on Instagram.

Congratulations! You’ve found DECA Direct, an online source for anyone interested in joining or enhancing their membership in DECA.

So, what chapter are you from? Wait, what? You’re school doesn’t have a chapter?!

We need to change that right away!

Here’s how you can get your chapter started (even during the summer!)

1. Do your research.

Although DECA is an amazing organization and you’ve seen all of the super cool pictures of your friends at #DECAICDC, you should still look up what we’re all about.

Be sure to check out and to see the opportunities we provide for members. At the end of the day, you should have an understanding of what DECA is before you can recruit members and find an advisor.

2. Find an advisor. This may be the trickiest part of your journey. Don’t limit yourself by finding a teacher who has a business background. Look for teachers who are dedicated to helping every student in their reach.

Some suggestions would be to go door to door and ask teachers, email them during #SummerOfDECA, and even contact administration to guide you to the best teacher. Once you find a teacher who will help you, they can start doing the financial stuff like paying dues and contacting your chartered association advisor. Your new advisor can even help recruit members!

3. Recruit, recruit, and recruit.

Gather your friends and tell them all of the amazing opportunities DECA can give (yes, even seniors can benefit!). Talk to the people in your class and even people in the hall. Even if they aren’t interested, they may lead you to the next person!

4. Create events.

Once your chapter is on its way to being official, reach out to your school as soon as possible. Create social media profiles, get your official chapter logo, host a chapter social and create presentations to recruit members. The possibilities are limitless so really go wild on recruitment ideas!

Of course every school has a different set of rules so there may be some in between steps I may have missed. However, this definitely shouldn’t stop you! Now get out there and get your chapter started!

This article was written by Lyman DECA member, Adriana Garcia. You can follow Adriana on Twitter @AdrianaGaricaa.