3 Reasons Why You Should Get Involved With DECA Leadership This Year

Another #DECAICDC has been put in the books, and many of us don’t know how to handle the Post-ICDC Depression.

However, there’s one way to put that sadness behind us: look to the future!

Believe it or not, these next few months will be critical for DECA members to plan the next year’s chapter strategies, membership recruitment campaigns and establish new chapter leaders and officers.

Here’s three reasons why you should consider applying for a DECA leadership position for this next year!

1. Teamwork

Whether you’re applying to be a chapter, association or executive officer within the next year, it’s most definitely guaranteed that you’ll have to work alongside a group of passionate DECA leaders just like you!

These skills working with fellow officers can help build teamwork skills such as communication, leadership, and compromising, and all of these skills can really benefit you in your future! DECA has helped us prepare for future careers in the business world, but being a DECA leader can help you develop teamwork skills that will last a lifetime. Be a DECA leader and grow as a team member!

2. Connections

It’s pretty clear that some of the best people you will ever meet are people you’ve met through DECA. Becoming a leader within your chapter can help you establish deeper connections with members of your chapter, and make more DECAcated friends!

Also, if you become a state or executive officer, you have the chance to meet DECA friends from all over the world! Becoming a leader in DECA can help you make more #DECABesties, and who doesn’t want more of that?

3. Involvement

If you’re anything like me, you have a flaming passion for DECA and do everything to be more involved. One way to become more involved in DECA is becoming a leader! Being a leader in DECA may open up new opportunities for you that you wouldn’t have had before!

Also, you’re going to be spending more time doing things you love (of course, because you LOVE DECA, right?). Overall, becoming a leader is going to make you greater involved in this organization. Who doesn’t love that?

In conclusion, becoming a leader in DECA can be a life-changing and exhilarating experience! It can help you make friendships that last a lifetime, and helps you grow teamwork skills.

I wish you best of luck with your next DECA leadership endeavors (no matter what level you are leading for), and hope you can make this upcoming year LIMITLESS!

Also, if you want to become more involved with DECA Direct, you can become a DECA Direct Social Media Correspondent here.

This article was written by Sun Prairie DECA member, Kaitey Crosby. You can follow Kaitey on Twitter @kaiteycrosby.