5 Ways to Use Your #DECAICDC Experience to Improve for Next Year

Whether you spent your #DECAICDC meeting with industry leaders, competing or networking, I am confident that you had a fantastic time developing your leadership skills and interacting with your peers.

As DECA members, we are always looking to strive for the best, and there are always ways to make your next ICDC even better!

I have included a few tips below that will make next year run as smooth as possible.

1. Packing

Next time you attend #DECAICDC, remember what was left in the bottom of your suitcase. If you are anything like me you always end up bringing more clothes than you need, so try and only pack what you need. Also, was there anything you wished you had with you? Maybe next time throw that extra hoodie or notebook in your carry-on so you have it ready!

2. Transcripts

DECA Inc. provides transcripts after your competition so members are able to see exactly what their specific strengths and weaknesses are. Take advantage of this and use these transcripts to know exactly what you need to study and improve! You can learn more about transcripts here.

3. Evaluate

Take a very close look at the feedback from judges, and your performance during your presentations. I highly recommend creating a SWOT analysis on your event, and also your performance at #DECAICDC. This will help you truly evaluate your performance. Also, if you were in an event with a written event, take your experience and improve for next time!

4. Network and Connect

Remember those friends and connections you made this year at ICDC and make sure to stay in contact! I am sure you met a tremendous amount of people, but remember to keep in touch! The connections you make with colleges are especially important, so be sure that you follow up with these! Finally, make sure to connect with all of your new friends on social media and reconnect with them in Atlanta, Georgia for #DECAICDC 2018!

5. Motivation

Use this year’s #DECAICDC experience to motivate you to study during the year! You already had the opportunity to compete at #DECAICDC, take that taste of victory and use it to encourage you to work even harder! Also, if you were able to participate in the academies use the leadership skills you learned to prepare yourself to be an even better leader at #DECAICDC!

I can’t wait to see you in Atlanta next April for #DECAICDC 2018!

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