5 Ways to Incorporate What You Learned at #CDECAICDC Into Your Chapter

The 2017 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference has come to an end and although our time in California is over, it doesn’t mean it’s time to go back to your regular daily schedule and forget about your amazing experience.

You can take everything you’ve learned during your time in Anaheim and implement it in your chapter.

From learning new leadership in academies to networking throughout the conference here are five ways to incorporate what you learned at #CDECAICDC in your chapter.

1. Competition Experience

If you’re competing at the International level of competition that means you definitely are a DECA Pro. So the first way to incorporate what you’ve learned at ICDC is to take everything you learned during your experience as a competitor and share it with your chapter.

Share how your presentation went, what the judges responses were, how you prepared beforehand or what to expect when walking into competition. These things can help your members learn more about the competition aspect of ICDC and hopefully lead to preparing members of your chapter competing at the International level.

2. Leadership Training

There were a variety of leadership and chapter development workshops offered during our time in Anaheim, and hopefully you had the opportunity to attend one of these events. Take your new knowledge of social media tactics learned in the Student Leadership Training and pass it down to your chapter’s social media manager. Or take the new fundraising and community service ideas learned in the New Chapter Workshop to your chapter’s fundraising leader. Even if you are selecting new officers soon, these are great pieces of information to pass along during training or orientations too.

3. Professional Development Academies

The Professional Development Academies at #CDECAICDC were the perfect place to learn more about your career track and the connections to Collegiate DECA’s competitive events program. Incorporate that knowledge into competitive events preparation for next semester. It doesn’t matter what career track you were in any information you can bring back to your Chapter will definitely help the success of your fellow members.

4. Continue Networking

One best parts of attending #CDECAICDC is the networking opportunities present. Whether you met new members, Collegiate DECA corporate partners or advisors and mentors, you don’t want all your connections to fad once ICDC ends.

Stay connected by utilizing the DECA Inc. LinkedIn Group, DECA’s social media channels or the DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent Program. These are all great ways to keep meeting new people, sharing ideas and finding connections through DECA.

5. Sharing Your Experience

The best way to incorporate what you learned at ICDC is to share your entire experience. Share it with those who weren’t able to attend and inspire them to work hard and inspire your chapter to be the best it can. There was so much that we all learned at ICDC that will allow for growth, success, and fun in your chapter so share with everyone to make that happen.

If you use any of these five ideas with your chapter, I know you’ll be bound for success this #SummerOfDECA and next semester!

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