The 3 C’s to Remember When Dressing for DECA Competition

Photo courtesy of @gracemortson on Instagram.

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

Let’s be real – style matters, and when we perform in DECA competition, we all want to look our best!

Unfortunately, knowing what to wear at your international conferences can sometimes be a challenge. However, the 2017 An@heimLive Social Media Team has gathered some of the most professional DECA members in the world to share some tips on what to wear to your next #DECAICDC or DECA competition!

In this article, we will be following “The Three C’s,” developed by the three-year DECA members we interviewed, Mary B. and Austin B., who have stated to always dress according to these three essential components.

1. Classy

Simple goes a long way.As you get ready for your conference, assure that your clothes are clean, ironed, and tucked in properly. Leave nothing sticking or hanging out, as this may lead you to look unpolished and careless. The ultimate goal is to look stylish but sophisticated at the same time.

Let’s not forget – what’s a business competition without a blazer? That’s

Right – blazers for EVERY meeting! (Preferably a DECA blazer). Assure that your outfit is well aligned and there are not too many bright or flashy colors that could be distracting to the judge’s eye. Wearing neutral colors is classy and simple, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to allow you to stand out!

Last but not least, don’t forget that when it comes to wearing your outfit, try it on ahead of time so you know what fits, as well as what looks good and what doesn’t. Now, while class is 50% what you wear, it’s also about the way you carry yourself. Any outfit can be instantly ruined without a positive or enthusiastic attitude. That being said, a smile is the best thing ANYONE can wear!

2. Coordinate

The second C is coordinate. Your outfit must always coordinate in DECA. This simply means to match the detailing and colors of your outfit. Coordinating colors within your outfit can easily be applicable while using the color wheel to find complementary colors, or even finding inspiration on social media websites such as Pinterest and Instagram!Whether you have a partner in DECA competition or not, the details on your business attire should align with each other. For example, maybe a spec of color on your dress shirt can match with the color of your socks. However, if there’s anything you shouldn’t do, don’t wear all of the same color, or too many colors at once. Always keep it clean, and always coordinate!

3. Conservative

Last but not least- the final C is conservative. Modesty is a must in DECA competition! This simply means to dress humble, unassuming, and with elegance. One of our best dresses DECA members, Benjamin Abraham, said, “Dress how you want to be addressed!”

Generally, conservative business attire for women can consist of close toe flats/heels, business pants, business skirts, khakis, or a simple blouse that isn’t revealing. For men – suits, ties, socks, and dress shoes are the way to go! A helpful tip for men is to get a tie clip – this is to preventing your tie from swinging around, and ensures that the tie hangs straight. This allows for DECA students to have a neat, uniformed appearance.

Lastly, while accessories are important, a little goes a long way. Don’t keep too big of accessories (especially on your hands, since you’ll be shaking your judge’s hands as you introduce yourselves). Less is more! Wear light jewelry as well as a watch add to a polished, clean look- as well as assure you’re on time for competition!

Wait, you thought it ends there? Wrong! The very final asset to completing your look in DECA conferences is grooming. We saved this for last because this is one of the most essential aspects of dressing well in DECA.

Remember this: When you walk in the room, your appearance is the very first impression people will have of you. How you groom and stay hygienic is just as important as the clothes you wear. Make sure you’re freshly shaven, clean, showered, nails are cut and lightly apply a fragrance to add to your completed look. Ladies, wear neutral makeup, as this highlights your natural features and enhances natural beauty. Again, less is always more!

If you follow the 3 C’s, you’ll be on your way to not only looking good, but acting like a true professional in DECA competitions. Fashion is art and you are the canvas. Be confident in what you wear and good luck for future endeavors in DECA!

This article was written by An@heimLive Social Media Team member, Rhea Athilat. You can follow Rhea on Twitter @BushDECA.