Different Ways to Own Your Future at #DECAICDC 2017

Photo courtesy of @californiadeca on Instagram.

This year at the 2017 DECA International Career Development Conference, thousands of competitors united to compete in pursuit of the one and only, #DECAglass.

From role-plays to start-up business growth plans, competitors brought something new and fresh to the table, but there were a select few that truly stood out above the rest.

From Massachusetts, Liam Callahan, Carolyn Curtin and Rafaella Tringale initiated a project selling ornaments and other small promotional items.

The project was conducted in memory of a young boy from their school who had recently passed away. Funds and profits earned was dedicated towards the boy’s funeral and alleviating the family’s financial burdens.

Their heartwarming nature of their project touched the judges’ hearts, earning them third place in the Learn and Earn project event.

Competitors’ uniqueness and creativity showed through their presentation as well. Amanda Deng, Tejasvi Desai, and Ayushi Singh from California filled their Business Service Operations Research event presentation with jokes and interesting twists, creating a lively mood in the air.

Along with their presentation on Spinal Health Chiropractic, the trio engaged their judges in spinal exercises, a mental tour down the streets of Pleasanton, and even performed a trust fall!

Their spontaneity truly excited the judges, helping the team place Top 10 Overall for their event and recognition on stage.

Along with these two groups, several other competitors had their time to shine at #DECAICDC and are looking forward to a #LIMITLESS year!

This article was written by An@heimLive Social Media Team member, Valorie Low. You can follow Valoriw on Twitter @valstar12.