Anaheim Fashion Police at #DECAICDC 2017

We all know the struggle of selecting the perfect outfit for DECA.

Finding clothes that match the dreaded blavy that are professional yet fashionable is near impossible. However, DECA members always manage to create timeless yet trendy outfits!

Here is some great inspiration from #DECAICDC 2017 that you can use for future conferences to come.


If you have a partner, coordinating with them is an easy way to look put together. Julia Vandermeulen and Kayley Skorupski from Virginia (pictured above) are matching exactly with a non-traditional pattern that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Partners can even style their hair similarly to make them seem even more in sync with each other. Partners of opposite genders can color coordinate if matching exactly isn’t an option. An easy way to do this is to choose a signature color for the guy’s tie and the girl’s dress.


For girls, wearing dresses might be a more comfortable option than wearing pencil skirts or slacks. You should double check to make sure your dress isn’t too short. Dresses that are lighter or brighter in color pop best against the navy blazer. Don’t be afraid to break the mold a little bit and choose colors like red or yellow, as long as the style is professional and appropriate.


For guys, dress shoes are relatively simple to find. However, a common faux pas that we tend to see at DECA conferences is pairing the navy blazer with black shoes instead of the proper brown. For girls, a safe choice is the classic nude shoe. It’s the perfect neutral that makes your whole outfit look more dynamic.


Although jewelry can end up looking tacky, the perfect statement necklace or classy pearls can seriously upgrade a more basic outfit.  To make sure that your outfit isn’t overwhelming, girls can try paring statement jewelry with more simple dresses or plain shirts. Guys can also be expressive with their tie patterns and colors, but the same rule applies: don’t go overboard! Pair patterned ties with plain shirts or textures shirts with plain ties.

This article was written by An@heimLive Social Media Team member Emily Gao. You can follow Emily on Twitter @_emily_gao.