Why You Should Attend DECA’s Thrive Academy

Thrive Academy is one of THE largest academies that DECA officers at the annual International Career Development Conference.

According to many DECA members who have attended different academies, Thrive is the BEST option for gaining self-empowerment and experiencing real world situations in the business field.

The academy is a rigorous yet engaging two-day experience that I was so blessed to be a part of.

Day 1: Building up yourself AND others results in success.

A politician by the name of Robert Ingersoll once said, “We rise by lifting others.” Thrive Academy had finally realized how currently, people in the business field are mainly focused on their own success – Thrive eliminated that mindset.

A woman named Alyssa Cheng divided the room into four quadrants – one for each type of leader. Each member stepped into the quadrant that best described them and evidently, bonded with only the people who aligned with their leadership style. However, Alyssa Cheng broke the divide and made each leadership type say one strength and one weakness about their leadership style to a quadrant ocompletely different from them. The simulation had not only helped members with self-understanding but recognize how a wide diversity of leadership styles are not liabilities but assets.

On top of that, there was a simulation named “Market Madness.” Everyone was paired with a stranger as their partner and their goal was to gain as much money as they can by selling and buying stocks from other groups. The game was absolutely heated and made members completely doubtful of the groups around them, their partners, and even themselves. However, as the game progressed, Thrive participants learned how even though they were paired with a stranger, they accepted how trusting one another will only result in success.

The mutual trust and faith that the pair of strangers put in each other elevated the amount of confidence each of them had initially. It was for the fact that each partner did not have to prove themselves knowledgeable or worthy to their partner beforehand to gain their trust and overall respect for the game, it was the undoubting belief in each other that empowered them.

By the end of day one, members were left feeling “uncomfortable with being comfortable.” From making new friends to working with absolute strangers, Thrive members were faced with the most difficult situations in all social scenes. However, Thrive Academy taught us to let in diversity and new experiences with open arms – now THAT is the key to success in any company.

Day 2: Getting down to business.

Thrive Academy is the only academy that lets members choose what area track they would like to focus on: community Service, entrepreneurship, or DECA’s competitive. Being the passionate business lady I am, I chose entrepreneurship.

The day was dedicated on creating a kick starter with a group of eight. Each person was randomly assigned a job of either CEO, manager, marketing team, or production team. What is incredible of the kick starter simulation is that it completely embodied the amount of stress, dedication, time, and efforts that are needed to start a new business.

Even though the simulation was quite stressful, every member had a new understanding of what it is REALLY like to be in the entrepreneurship field. On top of that, members had a new definition “group work” or “team work.” Group work is not just “working together” to create a common goal, but to dig up an endless passion in each member for the company to come together as ONE.

Thrive Academy was simply an eye opener for not only the business field but for the amount of diversity there is in the world. It was unquestionably beautiful seeing how a room full of the most intellectual people on the globe learned a lesson that cannot be taught in the classroom – to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This article was written by An@heimLive Social Media Team member Kimvy Tran. You can follow Kimvy on Twitter @kimvytran749.