Billy Gilman Helps Kick Off #DECAICDC

On Wednesday, April 26, the 2017 #DECAICDC launched with a bang as performer Billy Gilman hyped up the crowd with an amazing performance.

As the runner-up for season 11 of The Voice, a popular singing competition on TV, Billy Gilman has built a name for himself over the years. At the age of 12, he debuted his first song “One Voice,” which quickly shot up the charts. It became a top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and a top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, an accomplishment never achieved before by someone of such a young age.

After a long period of hiatus, Billy made a surprise comeback on The Voice through his blind audition song, “When We Were Young” by Rolling Stone. His smooth and silky voice instantly caught the judges’ attention and he quickly rose up the ranks of competitors, but unfortunately lost to Sundance Head in the final round.

However, Billy’s singing adventures did not end with his defeat. After conclusion of the show, he has performed at multiple concerts and continued to release his own original music.

Gilman displayed his talent on the ICDC stage with his exciting performance of “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, exciting the crowd of hundreds of ICDC attendees.

His song sent an empowering message to all competitors, revving them up for the epic days to come here at #DECAICDC.

This article was written by An@heimLive Social Media Team member, Valorie Low. You can follow Valorie on Twitter @valstar12.