Ways to Keep Your Chapter Connected Once School is Out

Photo courtesy of @azcollegedeca on Instagram.

Although everyone is SO excited about #CDECAICDC right around the corner, let’s not forget that it’s about to be summer break!

It’s so important to keep your DECA chapter connected during this time apart so that you can come back in the fall united and ready to start a new year off strong.

Having activities and meetings during the summer can be the best way to keep members engaged and active in your chapter, while also all having a blast together. For example, have a volleyball tournament on a beach, a picnic party in the park, ultimate kickball tournament, or anything that gets people involved.

Meetings don’t always have to be informational; they can be fun and informal, which provides a great opportunity to stay in touch with members and keep your team spirit going.

Another easy way to make you’re your chapter members stay in connected is through social media, especially LinkedIn, since many of your members will be busy with internships!

Fundraising and participating in community service projects is another great thing to do as a chapter during the summer. Start fundraising early before the next school year even starts to get your chapter started on heading to ICDC!

Simple fundraising like canning in front of local grocery stores, or working with DECA partners like Chipotle to host a college night at your local restaurant are super easy to put together and will provide a great opportunity for chapter members to catch up.

No matter what you do, staying connected with your chapter when schools out is awesome, and the ways to accomplish this are truly limitless!

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