A New Chapter’s Guide to DECA Domination

New to DECA? Allow me to guide and show you how to dominate your first year of participating in DECA.

With these four tips and tricks, you’ll master the necessities of surviving and influencing the DECA chapter within your school.

1. Build powerful relationships with your advisor and your chapter officers.

Through this, you’ll be able to keep up with the different DECA events which allows you to have the opportunity to dominate. Simple gestures of asking what’s the next move for your high school DECA keeps you in the loop and highlights your dedication, which is never a bad thing.

2. Go to as many DECA events as possible!

Every DECA event you participate in, is a new learning experience for you and your chapter. Whether you attend the same event multiple times over the years, it’s always exciting to vision what the new features DECA Inc. has incorporated to make your visit more enjoyable. (such as new speakers, new locations, etc.)

Although it might be your first year, it’s important to see the success of other chapters from the competitions you might’ve been unaware of. This creates motivation for you to participate in different events as well.

3. Hard work pays off.

If you find yourself participating in a competition event in your first year, go easy on yourself. There’s incredible amounts of Quizlets out there for you to study from instead of wasting your time to create one. Studying too much never hurts, but don’t allow yourself to get burnt out.

Your hard work will pay off, your judges are completely capable of noticing the quality of your speech by the rich vocabulary you use.

4. Have fun!

It might sound cheesy, but don’t spend too much time stressing about the intentions of the judges.

Make some new friends! In DECA, communication is a huge influencer, everyone there has communication skills and they’re showcased during statewide events.

5. Remember: quality over quantity.

This goes for anything you do. In situations such as role-plays, presentations, written events, this rule is especially important.

This article was written by Douglas County DECA Vice President of Membership & Hospitality, Syedah Asghar. You can follow Douglas County DECA on Twitter @dchs_deca.