DECA Announces Groundbreaking Technologist & Innovator as #DECAICDC Opening Session Keynote Speaker

With #DECAICDC quickly approaching, DECA Inc. is pleased to announce groundbreaking technologist and proven innovator, Monique Morrow, will serve at this year’s International Career Development Conference opening session keynote speaker, honorary chair of DECA’s Executive Mentor Program and recipient of our Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

Monique Morrow is a Chief Technology Strategist, most recently serving as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Cisco Systems, one of the world’s most respected technology companies, and the network of everything.

At Cisco, Monique led the effort to bridge the intersection of new technology research and development with global economics, ethics, and geopolitics in a newly created role: the CTO and Evangelist of New Frontiers Engineering.

Among her greatest success, she counts her method of infusing a big-picture perspective that helps engineers and business leaders understand how existing and future technologies align with the needs of business, government, non-profits, and society focused organizations. To this end, Monique was honored as Business Worldwide Magazine’s 2016 Visionary of the Year (Technology, Social Change and Ethics) and 2016 Social Media Champion of the Year.

Monique began her journey with Cisco in 2000 as an SP Solutions Engineer in Europe where she helped embed a service provider DNA into the company. In 2001, she became the CTO Consulting Engineer for the service provider segment in Europe and Asia. By 2005, Monique was building a technical leadership team in Hong Kong and directing strategic initiatives for technology globalization for the Office of the CTO. She became Cisco’s first Services CTO in 2012, effectively aligning the vision and architecture for services technology across the organization.

Recognized as one of the most influential technology leaders worldwide, Monique has earned honors that include:

  • Top 100 CIOs for 2016 (
  • Top Women in Cloud Innovations Award 2016 (CloudNow)
  • Social Media Presence of the Year 2016 (AI Magazine)
  • 10 Women in Networking/Communications You Should Know
  • Top 10 Influential IT Women in Europe (Think Progress)
  • 2015 Women of M2M/IoT (Connected World Magazine)
  • 2014 GEM-TECH Award (ITU and UN)

Monique holds an MBA from City University of Seattle (Zurich, Switzerland Program), an MS in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University, and a BA in French from San Jose State University. She also earned a Graduate Certificate in Information Systems from the University of Southern California and a Diploma of Higher Studies from the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

Connect with Monique by visiting her website at and by following her on Twitter @moniquejmorrow.

We look forward to her involvement at #DECAICDC in Anaheim this April!

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