Meet the 2017 #DECASEM Social Media Team

Photo courtesy of @kellyy138 on Twitter.

The 2017 Sports & Entertainment Marketing Conference in Orlando, Fla., is almost here!

Do you still want to be a part of all the excitement and fun in Orlando, even if you’re not attending #DECASEM? Have to fear, because the #DECASEM Social Media Team is here to keep you up-to-date with everything happening in the Sunshine State!

This year’s #DECASEM Social Media Team has one incredible member ready to share every aspect of the conference experience with you:

Caroline Sanders | Corinth Holders DECA (N.C.)

“There are very few things I enjoy more than social media, and DECA is one of them! Bringing these two together would be a great opportunity,” Caroline stated.

Be sure to follow Caroline on Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up with everything happening at #DECASEM this January!

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