The Best Places to Find a Mentor

For most college students, having one or more mentors during your time in college can fast track your way past mistakes and pitfalls that you may not see, and help sky rocket you into a successful career.

Here are a few outlets to begin searching for a mentor:

1. Current and/or Past Professors

Professors can be great mentors. They typically have had some real-world experience in the areas they are educating on and can provide a student with great insight.

2. Supervisors at a Current or Past Internship or Job

Supervisors at your current or past position can be great mentors. The real-world experience they can offer to a student can be valuable.

3. Leaders of Organizations

If you are part of an organization on campus that has a faculty advisor or someone similar, they are typically passionate about that organization and the students in that organization.

4. Alumni Databases

Don’t forget to leverage the resources that your college offers! There have been many successful men and women that have graduated from your college, so find the alumni database, find the industry that you would like a mentor in, and start reaching out.

5. Get Specific

Look for leaders who have been successful at what you would like to be successful at and send them an email or give them a call to ask to buy them coffee and have a list of questions ready to ask.

Mentors will be there for you to point out mistakes that they made to help you shorten the learning curve in areas that you are interested in.

If there is one guaranteed way to enhance your probability for success, it is finding a mentor.

Need more ideas? Check out this article from USA Today on the importance of having a mentor in college.

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