There’s No Place Like the South(ern Region)

Recently there has been a huge debate on Twitter: which DECA region is best?

Well, I’m here to answer that question, y’all. Our beautiful thirteen southern associations have led and pioneered DECA into what we see today. In case you forgot, here are some reasons why #WeAreSR.

A completely obvious reason why we’re best is our spot-on Southern hospitality! Filiz Sahin from Virginia DECA compared our region to a family (which I think was the sweetest comparison). “It’s kind of like a long distance family… And it’s not meaningless either, it’s all heartfelt and true friendship,” he said.

southern1“Southerners highly value our reputations,” said Nathaniel Smith, Georgia DECA, “therefore [we] treat others with respect.”

Andrew Weatherman and Jamison Koch, both hailing from North Carolina, gave a flash from the past. For those who didn’t know, nine of DECA’s first 17 chartered associations call the southern region home. The south is currently the largest region showing up to #DECAICDC.

Speaking of the International Career Development Conference, did I mention we’ve hosted ten in the past twenty years? That’s the most out of all the other regions!

A good point also mentioned by members of the Southern Region was our love for community outreaches and communication! Officers from Texas mentioned a social media correspondent program that allows them to spread news.

Another special movement from Texas DECA is their current collection of Build-a-Bears for sick children. Florida DECA is also a big fan of helping others as they host the Helping Hands drive twice a year. This drive recently benefited the Big Dog Ranch and will help a second charity in the spring.

In the south, we pride ourselves on members over trophies (although we do have our fair share in trophies). North Carolina DECA celebrates their members by honoring one lucky chapter each year who have excelled.

Another way one of our thirteen associations reach out to members is the Florida DECA Leadership Council (DLC)! This is a great opportunity state officers can connect with chapter officers by talking about all things DECA.

“I love meeting with them [chapter officers] and getting to see what they’re thinking and helping them with whatever they need,” said Matthew Webber.

So there are some highlights to our region, but as I always say; there are two types of DECA Members: those in the Southern Region and those who wish they were in the Southern Region.

adriana_garciaThis article was written by Lyman DECA member, Adriana Garcia. You can follow Adriana on Twitter @AdrianaGaricaa.