#OwnYourFuture by Making a DECA New Year’s Resolution!

As December and 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to start looking forward and planning for the new year!

A big part of preparing for 2017 is making goals for the upcoming 12 months, or resolutions. We’ve all heard the common resolutions people make every January: eat healthier, spend less time online,

get better grades, get more sleep, etc. Those goals are all great and important, but is there a way you could set resolutions to help propel your DECA career? The answer is yes!

The next four tips will help you, your leadership team, or your chapter establish resolutions for the new year to make 2017 great!

1. Set a Goal for Competition:

The end of December and beginning of January are known as the mad dash for DECA study time, as regional competitions are steadily approaching. In the midst of all the practice tests and performance indicator review, use the New Year as a chance to step back and review what you want to get accomplished for DECA competition.

For some of you, a goal may be to qualify for your association competition. For others, it may be to compete or even place at #DECAICDC. Any resolution for competition is great if it is reasonable and significant to you.

Setting up a competition resolution will help you budget your study time to assure that you can reach your goal

(Tip: If you want to be a finalist at ICDC, you could set a goal of studying for a certain duration of time every day or week!)

2. Set a Goal for Community Service

Another major part of DECA is helping your community. As a chapter, use the beginning of January as a starting point to create your community service goals for the year, as well as any specific objectives.

Such goals could include the following:

  • Having a set minimum number of events your chapter will run throughout the year
  • Setting a goal on how much money you want your chapter to raise for a specific charity
  • Creating a new big event for your chapter to host that can bring in a bunch of money to your chapter to donate

3. Set a Goal for Leadership

The third way you can assure that 2017 is a year that advances your DECA career and involvement is to aim to take up a DECA leadership position for the next calendar year!

This could be at any level: chapter, association or national. Your goal could to become a member of your chapter’ leadership team, be an association officer, or even be the next @DECA_Donald!

This is an important thing to recognize as the new year approaches because taking on a DECA leadership role can help you #OwnYourFuture for the next 365 days and become a DECA master!

4. Set a Goal on Involvement

The last, but definitely not least resolution tip is to set a DECA resolution that lets you become a more DECAcated member! On top of the three tips I’ve previously mentioned, there are many other opportunities you have in the next year to grow your DECA career.

Make sure you’re following DECA Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and interacting with what DECA posts. Also follow your chapter’s and association’s social media platforms to assure that you don’t miss any DECA news in your neck of the woods.

Another way to increase your DECA involvement online is to become a DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent. This will help you motivate and educate what’s going on in your chapter to all DECA members. Learn more and get signed up today!

These four tips can help sculpt your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions for all things DECA! Whatever your goal is, make sure it is achievable and something you entirely want!

Also, this DECA resolution idea is a campaign started by Massachusetts DECA officers Jaron May and Leah Hoffman under the hashtag of #DECANewYearsChallenge (the link to Jaron’s tweet can be found here).

Jaron and Leah’s campaign was created with the goal to untie the DECA community nationwide, so tweet any and all of your 2017 resolutions with the hashtag #DECANewYearsChallenge!

I hope that everyone can use these tips you come up with some amazing DECA resolutions so you can #OwnYourFuture!

kaitey_crosbyThis article was written by Sun Prairie DECA member, Kaitey Crosby. You can follow Kaitey on Twitter @kaiteycrosby.