3 Ways to Enjoy the Now

As an association officer for Texas DECA, one of the things that we do with Tri Leadership LLC is take a look at our different leadership styles with the Myer Briggs Test.

Long story short, I have a tendency to be more focused on where I am going then the now. This is great if you are trying to navigate around across town or in my case, flying an airplane, but this trait can be a negative when it comes to stopping and enjoying events with people and places, especially when there is work to be done (i.e. DECA conferences).

So here are my top three tips for enjoying every minute:

1. Keep an Open Mind   

It’s easy to get caught up in things that didn’t go right or did not get accomplished. Traveling can make this worse, and as a person that has everything planned out to the T, it can be hard to enjoy things when you have to adjust to a change. You have to embrace the change, most especially if it is with other people.

2. Nothing Matters But Now

This is the mind set that you have to have. While I am not telling you to completely throw out your planning, you are most likely prepared for anything. An example of this was at the 2016 International Career Development Conference when during the first day I was super focused on making sure my speaking section of the Texas Delegation Meeting was perfect, when in reality I was over prepared. I ended up dwelling on this instead of really enjoying the fact I was in Nashville with 18,000 of my closet friends.

3. Heads Up

As a person that has served on multiple social media teams over a couple of years, I have found it is easy to get absorbed into what’s happing on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, and tune out what going on around you. You will get a lot more out an event if you pay attention to the event. Take photos, write quotes and just post them, don’t lurk on your timeline.

I hope this tips can help you to stop and enjoy the now a little more.

The reality is you are going to amazing places, meeting amazing people and there is no reason not to take that in 100%!

SMC_Tyler_barryThis article was written by Texas DECA Vice President of Social Media, Tyler Barry. You can follow Tyler on Twitter @DECA_TylerBarry.