Life Lessons from #DECAPowerTrip Keynote Speaker Byron Garrett

Photo courtesy of @andrew49s1 on Twitter.

In the closing session of the 2016 Ultimate DECA Power Trip, Byron Garrett was able to empower the audience, and offer our members a message that they could bring back to their associations and local chapters.

Here are three major themes that you need to take away from Byron Garrett’s keynote speech:

1. It All Begins with Your Mind

“Garbage in, garbage out,” Garrett said. You have to make sure that you are always helping to build the largest tool to your success – your brain.

Garrett currently serves has the chairman for the National Family Engagement Board. He told the audience about a time in which he read to a group of disadvantaged preschoolers in New York.  He shared how the student kept wanting to ready the same story over and over, and how just simply reading to these children was beneficial to them.

2. There Is Room at The Top, But You Have to RVSP

In life you have work, work, work, work and work. Garrett talked about hard work being the number one qualifier for making it to the top.

He also used a specific example of what of all of your non-DECA friends might think or feel of those attending #DECAPowerTrip. While some friends may be jealous of your experiences or trip, Garrett’s overall message to us was to not get caught up in other people’s issues.

3. You Only Have 24 Hours in a Day

Use your time wisely! Too much people’s time is used up on activities like watching TV or being on social media. You have to make sure you are working forward and not backward by managing the clock. If you take to much time to relax, you become a ship lost at sea adrift.

Marjorie Sproul of Texas DECA said that her favorite thing was the engagement of Garrett, and how he tailored his message. Garrett was definitely one of the best speakers at the Ultimate DECA Power Trip!

SMC_Tyler_barryThis article was written by Texas DECA Vice President of Social Media and Power Trip Power Team member, Tyler Barry. You can follow Tyler on Twitter @DECA_TylerBarry.