ASPIRE Beverages is Ready to Help Make Your Chapter EPIC

ASPIRE Beverage Company co-founders, John Montague and Jesse Parker, are concerned by the prevalence of sugar, empty calories and chemicals that are being consumed, particularly by young athletes, in the name of sports.

The well-advertised brands of Gatorade (PepsiCo) and Powerade (Coca-Cola) have become synonymous with sports. Prolific marketing campaigns with endorsements from professional leagues and athletes have helped create a perception that these sugary, neon-colored drinks are healthy and will improve athletic performance.

Montague and Parker know better. They have appealed to fellow athletes and active families to read the labels, highlighting the large amounts of sugar, salt, artificial dyes and flavors, preservatives, oils and other unhealthy ingredients found in the leading brand sports drinks.

Various health organizations such as the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and the University of Minnesota have published research on the health issues associated with sports drinks. They have pushed water as a healthy choice for sports hydration but the founders of ASPIRE believe that most athletes want and need more than water. So, they decided to create a new sports drink with better ingredients.

Driven by a simple mission “to create a sports drink with natural ingredients that is better for health and performance, that also tastes great” they assembled a team of experts to help research and develop “a superior sports drink for any athlete, anywhere, anytime.”

The result of their efforts is both innovative and delicious. The ASPIRE FIRE (cherry- berry), ICE (lemon-lime), STORM (grape), RUSH (blue raspberry) and RISE (orange) sports drinks are now sold at many retailers including Whole Foods, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and Safeway.

Complying with the new USDA nutrition guidelines for schools, ASPIRE is also sold in the student stores, concessions and cafeterias of high schools in 30 states.

With only 8 grams of sugar and 35 calories per 12-ounce serving, ASPIRE has rapidly become the sports drink of choice for health -conscious athletes and active families.

From the very beginning, ASPIRE has worked closely with DECA. Students have played an integral role in research, product development, branding and packaging design, and grass roots marketing.

Nationwide, hundreds of DECA students have been hired, trained and paid to work as members of the company’s “A Team” of field marketers and brand ambassadors.

Are you ready to #beDECAepic? Contact ASPIRE today to learn about new opportunities for your DECA chapter like:

  • “Grass Roots Marketing” lesson plan 

  • Classroom presentations 

  • Sell ASPIRE in your student store 

  • Fundraising programs and contests

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