How to Make Your Internship Count

Internships can be an extremely important part of your college career, especially if they lead to a full-time job upon graduation. Here are some tips to keep in mind to make your internship count!

1. Ask Questions & Show Interest

During your time as an intern, you should aim to be an active participant. Ask questions, participate in meetings and regularly engage with your co-workers and managers. This helps show your ability to be more than just an intern, but a valuable and contributing member of the team.

2. Act Ethically & Professionally

This seems like a no-brainer, but many times interns abuse the company’s dress code, time clock, and Internet policies. These seemingly small acts can really be a detriment to your entire internship experience. No employer will want to offer an intern a full-time position if he or she didn’t even take his or her internship position seriously. Prove that you are more than a college student and ready to be a real professional through these little, everyday actions and soon you will be!

3. Always Be Willing to Work

You should always be ready and willing to take on any task your internship provider gives you.  This eagerness is noticed by not only your direct manager, but throughout the office. Even menial tasks can make a difference! If you’re assigned to set up the luncheon, make it the best luncheon the office has ever had! Shown your strengths no matter what the task at hand and you’ll be a stand out in no time.

4. Develop Your “Exit Strategy”

When your internship ends, you need to create an “exit strategy” that will help position you for the future. You should always write your supervisor and colleagues a thank you note to show your appreciation and never be afraid to ask for a letter of recommendation. Having connections and a strong network of professionals to look to is an invaluable tool.

Good luck on your internship experience and hopefully with these tips, you can Make It Count for years to come!

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